Weis Markets

WeisWeis Markets is a large regional grocery chain headquartered in Sunbury, PA. The 154 stores flying the Weis banners are located in 5 states - PA, MD, NJ, NY and WV. 

Business Challenge 

Structural changes within Weis Markets stores forced store managers to prematurely take over the responsibility for store level performance and supervision. These store managers needed to receive training and gain experience so they would be able to address staffs concerns regarding the companies transformation. 


Dale Carnegie's training curriculum and approach introduced a new management paradigm- that would emphasize leadership, team building and ownership. The short term thinking of Weis would be replaced with long range tactical planning and managers would set performance goals for themselves and their teams. 


"Dale Carnegie helped us to institute the understanding that the better we take care of our internal customer-the better we'll take care of our external customers. The impact of the training shows on our bottom line" says Jim Kessler the Human Resources Director with Weis Markets. The bottom line for Weis Markets included an increase in sales by 3% and an increase in revenues by 2.1 billion.