Robert A. Bothman, Inc.

RRobert-A-Bothmanobert A. Bothman, Inc. has been providing quality construction services for over 30 years. Their experience and corporate philosophies have allowed us to develop a team of professionals dedicated to the company, the client and the industry as a whole. 

Business Challenge 

This construction company's major business need is growth. They have an ambitious plan to reach $100 million in revenue by the end of the year. This growth is directly linked to developing focused decision-making, enhanced teamwork, and improved morale. 


The managers of the company went through a management program conducted monthly for eight sessions. 


The management is experiencing new behaviors due to the newly 'repaired relationships' like improved teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making. Overall, employee morale is much higher and there is far less frustration. They are applying the tools that are helping them become more effective in approaching each other. This is a significant improvement over the lack of initiative and decision-making due to fear and distorted relationships that were preventing the company's growth. 
The Senior Management group is now moving forward in the planned direction. They will be involved with innovative projects that can be quantified when the solution delivery is completed.