FiBAHNounded in 1998, iBAHN is a global provider of digital entertainment and internet solutions for the hospitality and meeting industry. More than 1.7 million travellers and meeting attendees rely on iBAHN monthly to provide solutions in 34 countries across the globe. 

Business Challenge 

When businesses and organizations are asked to cut their budget usually the first items to get cut is business travel. For a company that services that industry it means that they have to work even harder to attract and retain customers. 
Monthly, more than 1.7 million travelers and meeting attendees rely on iBAHN to provide digital information entertainment and Internet solutions in 34 countries across the globe. iBAHN recognized that to continue to compete in a market place that was going through an economic contraction they needed to ensure that their account managers were given all the tools to provide an excellent and efficient customer experience. 


iBAHN partnered with Dale Carnegie Training to develop a solution that was designed to increase revenues from existing accounts, increase profit per sale, and reduce the time that it takes per transaction. This solution was achieved through a series of events that included a secret shopper program, one on one interviews with the sales team, and shadowing on sales calls. From these events, Dale Carnegie Training developed a solution that focused on time management, customer service, and sales effectiveness. 


Gary Bristow, Commercial Director EMEA for iBAHN, commented, "The presentation and delivery of the training was superb. The team was thoroughly motivated and re-energized. What was fantastic to see afterwards was the team actually changing their behavior and employing the skills they had been taught. Our 4th quarter was a great success and we showed double digit growth in year on year revenue in what was widely regarded as the most difficult year in hotels for decades. I have no doubt that the Dale Carnegie training played a key part in helping us achieve this success."