Hugh Symons

Hugh_SymonsAudio Visual hardware and software solutions are revolutionising digital media and communications. 

Business Challenge 

In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive and volatile, it was necessary for Hugh Symons Communications to become more nimble and efficient. Hugh Symons need to make better use of their human capital, empower their employees to think for themselves, and become more proactive and creative. 


Hugh Symons Communications began to require that all managers to take Dale Carnegie Training's Leadership Training for Managers course. The training was then expanded to sales departments where sales teams were sent to Dale Carnegie's Sales Advantage Course. 


Bob Sweetlove explains," If I look back three years, and had we not had the Dale Carnegie Training courses, what situation would I be in? Would I have higher turnover? Probably. Would I have less effective managers? Definitely! I would highly recommend Dale Carnegie Training because I'm not sure that there is anything else one could do that would produce the same result."