Green Mountain Coffee

GreenMountainGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters is a leader in the specialty coffee industry, they are recognized for its award-winning coffees, innovative brewing technology, and socially responsible business practices 

Business Challenge 

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, after enjoying steady success in its core market, decided they would begin expansion efforts. In order to safeguard its culture and prepare its employees for the challenges ahead, they needed to step up their training initiatives. 


The Dale Carnegie Course would immerse Green Mountain employees in a rigorous time-phased training curriculum that balanced individualized coaching with group training. For 12 weeks, the participants engaged in a continuous cycle of improvement, during which they transitioned between the classroom and the workplace, putting principles into practice and getting feedback from their peers. 


Advances in innovation and idea sharing have led to proliferation of breakthrough projects and creative ideas that have helped improve efficiency and continue steady expansion. 
"You can really see the change in people. They are markedly different. They're engaged. They go the extra mile to get things done." 
~ Bob Stiller Founder and Chairman of the Board