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Process Improvement

Innovative ways to gain employee commitment to organizational objectives through workplace learning and development.  

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  Module Title Content Areas Competencies
PDF Document Adjust to Change Adapting to Change
Change Management, Adaptability
Creative Thinking, Stress Management
PDF Document Analyze Problems and Make Decisions Problem Analysis
Decision Making
Initiative, Leadership, Stress Management
PDF Document Change Engagement Adapting to Change
Change Management, Adaptability
Creative Thinking, Initiative
PDF Document Innovation Change Management
Change Management, Creative Thinking, Adaptability
External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Vision, Decision Making
PDF Document Lead Change without Authority Adapting to Change
Change Management, Leadership
Influence, Adaptability
PDF Document Manage Change Effectively Change Management
Change Management
Creative Thinking, Leadership, Management Controls
PDF Document Process Improvement Problem Analysis
Change Management, Creative Thinking, Teamwork
Communication, Initiative
PDF Document Project Planning Project Management
Accountability, Teamwork, Vision
Influence, Leadership, Results Oriented
PDF Document Team Change Engagement Adapting to Change
Change Management, Teamwork
Initiative, Adaptability
PDF Document Team Problem Solving and Decision Making Problem Analysis
Creative Thinking, Teamwork, Decision Making
Change Management, Interpersonal Skills